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TeamMito is shooting for yet another Guinness World Record at the Calgary Marathon in 2017

“The most LINKED RUNNERS to complete a marathon”  

For Canada’s 150th anniversary we’ve chosen to do something bold on May 28th.
150 People tied together for 42.2km and we need your help to get it done.

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Join us today!  We need Runners and Volunteers.

Can you imagine running an entire marathon linked to other runners?  In honor of Canada’s 150th birthday, MitoCanada is inviting runners to literally run the Calgary Marathon | linked together.  The purpose being to:

Signup Here!

This will keep you connected to TeamMito for the MitoLinked150 either as a runner, or as a volunteer.  Keep in mind that you’ll still need to register for the Calgary Marathon here.

An invitation from MitoCanada founder – Blaine Penny and MitoCanada Ambassador – Dave Proctor
(both are current Guinness World Record Holders)


To be eligible to run:

  1. runners need to confirm their ability to comfortably run a 5 hour marathon (for you speed demons, this won’t be a fast one BUT it will be gratifying); and
  2. commit to raising $1,000 for MitoCanada.

This is an opportunity to make history.  As a unified team, we will be running for those that can’t as we celebrate the birth of our nation in a special way.


Do you want to participate but running the distance just isn’t possible for you at this time? A large team of volunteers are needed to support the MitoLinked150 team in achieving this extraordinary goal. 150 runners linked for an entire marathon will require orchestration, organization and a team of dedicated volunteers.
We are working out the details currently with information to follow on specific roles and responsibilities.
To express your interest in volunteering, please sign up here.

Who we are – TeamMito

TeamMito was created to provide a means to raise awareness for MitoCanada and mitochondrial disease through the participation of team members in sport of all types.

Our goal is to have TeamMito members wear the MitoCanada green and black in all forms of sport. Whether you are a weekend warrior attempting your first 10km, walking 5km with a local charity event or an ultramarathoner running 100km, we want you to compete for those who cannot. Our team has comprised cyclists, triathletes, walkers, swimmers, and skiers – all helping to raise awareness of this rare disease.

The TeamMito website serves as a hub for interaction with the public and provides a forum to organize and showcase TeamMito events and participants.

MitoCanada is the parent organization which provides all the functions of the charity and is the primary conduit for information and communications, in addition to our facebook page.

Running on Empty

Why are we doing this?

Our purpose is simple: We want a cure for mitochondrial disease in our lifetime.

The disease is the result of inherited genetic mutations and typically affect organs with high energy requirements, such as the brain, muscles, eye, ear, heart, liver and the gastrointestinal tract.

When mitochondria do not produce enough energy, cells within the organ do not function properly, become damaged and eventually die. At least 1 in 200 people has a mitochondrial DNA mutation that could cause disease and 1 in 5000 have severe mitochondrial disease. There is no cure – yet!.

What you need to know

We have everything you need to know about Running in the Calgary Marathon for the MitoCanada team in a Calendar format, complete with the ability to add to your own personal calendar.  There are no excuses for not knowing what’s going on! 😉  You can find it all here:

Calendar of Events
  1. Has this been done before? Yes in 2013 TeamMito beat the Guinness World Record with 10 linked runners in the Calgary Marathon. Watch here:  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xs2rt1bWgQs .  Since then, the record has been broken a few times with the current record being 73
  2. Will we be stopping for bathroom breaks? Yes, we will pre-plan bathroom breaks. We will need to work with the race organizers on this front to ensure there are enough port-a-potties to handle our runners. For now, let’s tentatively plan for every 1.5hours or 15km as a guideline.
  3. What is the configuration for the 150 runners linked together? Still working on this, but we do plan to use surgical tubing with 1.4 m spacing. This worked well in a 10 person linked run in 2013. 
  4. Can I carry food/water? Yes, would be great if people can carry some food and water to minimize breaks, potential of tripping at aid stations, etc.
  5. Do we need 150 people or could we have more or less? Goal #1 is to get 150, but as long as we have at least 74 people who start and finish together we will achieve the record. We can also have more than 150 people, which would of course make it tougher for others to break it in the future.
  6. If someone drops out, can we still get the record if we have 150 finishers? No, everyone who starts must finish linked together.
  7. Do we have to stay linked at all times? Still need to confirm.
  8. Has Guinness approved the attempt? Yes. Guinness has approved the application for 150 to attempt the record. The existing record is 73 people. We are going to double it! http://www.guinnessworldrecords.com/world-records/most-runners-linked-to-complete-a-marathon


TeamMito doesn't have a live agent here, but you can quickly send us an email and we'll get back to you, ASAP!


©2018 MitoCanada MitoLinked150 will be at the Calgary Marathon May 28th, 2017

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