#mitowomen10 is fueled by these supporters

TeamMito is shooting for yet another Guinness World Record at the Calgary Marathon in 2017

“The fastest marathon completed by NOT LESS THAN 5 FEMALE LINKED RUNNERS” 

About the MitoCanada Women Linked 10 Marathon

Who we are – #MitoWomen10

Allison Blackmore

Running has been a part of my life for a long time. I used running as a form of off ice training during my competitive figure skating years. It wasn’t until my 40 s that I really found my way back to it! Now that I’m in my 50’s I’m wanting to push the limits and see how fast I can go!
Running gives me “me time”, whether that means running with with my husband or friends or all by myself.

I am so honoured to be apart of this talented group of ladies.I know how fortunate It is to have my health and fitness, and it feels great to be able to step up and help raise funds for those who live with mitochondrial disease.

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Deb Russell

Deb Russell is an accomplished ultrarunner that has been competing in long distance running for over 15 years. Having won many local ultramarathons in western Canada, Deb is no stranger to competition and challenging herself to do better. She can always be found having fun running on the roads and trails around Calgary, whether it’s training for the Boston Marathon, the IAU World 100k championships with Team Canada or just running with her dog Leisl at Nose Hill. Her big goal for this year is finishing her first 100 mile race this fall.

Deb met Blaine Penny 8 years ago at the TransRockies run in Colorado when he was just starting MitoCanada. She is stoked to have a chance to help raise awareness to a such a worthwhile cause and raise money to help this charity and the people that need it. Deb is happy that it can be achieved with the help of a great running team.

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Shannyn Clancy

 Shannyn Clancy has been running since she could tie her shoes. She ran recreationally until her early 20s when her aunt, who is also a runner, encouraged her to sign up with a marathon running group. Shannyn ran her first marathon in London Ontario and has never looked back with a list of accomplishments including a sub 3 hour marathon,
1:26 half marathon, and a sub 40 minute 10km in her racing career to date.

As Shannyn was a runner on the MitoCanada treadmill team last year, she is once again thrilled to be apart of this talented team to raise funds and awareness for MitoCanada, as she believes running brings people together in a positive way.

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Deb Reed

 Deb Reed started running in her early 30s and soon discovered her love of running. It probably helped qualifying for Boston in her first marathon ever! She has since ran 16 additional marathons and completed 11 iron distance triathlons. Her major running accomplishments include a sub 90 minute half marathon and 9th woman overall at the 2015 Victoria marathon. She has recently completed her 7th Boston marathon and is looking forward to participating in the Grizzly Ultra Marathon in Canmore in the fall.

Deb is excited to be part of this event because it allows her to put her love of running into something of great importance, like spreading awareness for mitochondrial disease. She is also excited to share this experience and expand her running community.

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Megan Macdonald

I’m super pumped to be part of the linked MITO women’s team running in support of mitochondrial disease! It’s a great way to do what I love and make it count for something bigger:) I have always had a passion for the outdoors and anything active but my ‘addiction’ to running and triathlon started 12 years ago. Highlights to date include qualifying and running the Boston Marathon, “Running on Empty” for 100kms through the mountains to raise funds for MitoCanada, representing Canada at the Age Group ITU World Championships for triathlon and running a sub-1:30 half marathon.

Most of my training occurs while pushing, pulling or chasing my two munchkins who together with their dad make up a very experienced cheering squad!

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Mikita Aznar

Originally from Venezuela, I’ve had the opportunity to work and live around the globe before landing in Edmonton and making it my home. I started running in my mid thirties and haven’t looked back. I’ve ran a total of 13 marathons with a PB of 3:05:21 in 2015 at the California International Marathon.

I enjoy running in the Edmonton River Valley with two of the best runners in town, my husband Simon and my dog Rider. I’m looking forward to raising awareness towards mitochondrial disease, while sharing the experience with a great group of ladies.

Jody Maull

I’m a proud Albertan for 14 years now, but Saskatchewan is where my running obsession/addiction began (Yes, I still bleed green ;o). Running has been a very important part of my life for about 20 years, but my two beautiful children and amazing husband will always come first (most days !). I ran my first 10 km and swore to myself I would never do anything that silly again! A couple months later, I was at the start line for a 15 km race. I must have got bitten by the bug, and running became my new passion. I’ve ran too many races to track, but I guess there’s a few under my hat worth mentioning.

I’ve won 3 Marathons: Saskatoon, Lethbridge, and Calgary (ya, this one is still a shocker to me as well!!). Running was my life. My priorities since changed, and have enjoyed the sport at a non-competitive level… until these last few months. I was given an awesome opportunity to be linked with 9 speedy ladies running for an important cause. I am honored and proud to be part of the Mito Ladies Linked Marathon Team, and super excited for the upcoming 2017 Scotiabank Calgary Marathon! See you at the races !

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Adriana Wild

I am an assistant principal at St. Basil School in Calgary, and love teaching and learning. Running is a passion of mine and a big part of my life that has developed in the past decade.

During the week, I love waking up early and catching up on my PVR as I run on my treadmill, while weekends are spent for longer runs outdoors. Since 2008, I have run numerous road and trail races, including 20 marathons, 3 ultras, and 1 Ironman. I am excited to return for another year running in the Calgary Marathon as part of team Mito as we run for those who can’t.

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Louise Taylor

Louse is a physiotherapist and co-owner of Movement Sports Clinic in Calgary AB. She loves running and triathlon and is proud and excited to be part of #MitoWomen10. As a Director on the Board of the Calgary Marathon Society since 2007, Louise has seen the growth of the Scotiabank Charity Challenge and its significant contribution to our community.

She is inspired by Calgarians like Sarah and Blaine Penny, founders of the MitoCanada Foundation, and is humbled to ‘run for those that can’t’. Let’s go, ladies!

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Dawn Ladds

I’ve been running for about seven years now. I fell in love with it at stride number one. It has spiraled into countless long runs, tough races, and some of the truest friendships I could have ever hoped for.

When I’m not running, I’m a single mother to an 11-year-old son (Owen) and a rescue dog named Brutus. I also love to cook and bake, and I’m always on the hunt for new recipes. I work for a large insurance company. I’m 38 years old and I’m originally from Grand Valley, Ontario.

I’ve run for MitoCanada at the Kananaskis 100-Mile Relay and the Ekiden Relay, but I’m particularly excited about this race. This is the most amazing bunch of girls. Every woman on this team is hard-working, dedicated to the cause, and fun to be around. I have the big job of keeping everyone on pace on race day, but with this crew, it won’t be hard. They’re pros at what they do. It’s an honour.

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Why are we doing this?

Our purpose is simple: We want a cure for mitochondrial disease in our lifetime.

The disease is the result of inherited genetic mutations and typically affect organs with high energy requirements, such as the brain, muscles, eye, ear, heart, liver and the gastrointestinal tract.

When mitochondria do not produce enough energy, cells within the organ do not function properly, become damaged and eventually die. At least 1 in 200 people has a mitochondrial DNA mutation that could cause disease and 1 in 5000 have severe mitochondrial disease. There is no cure – yet!.


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